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University Reports

  • Financial Statements

    University Financial Statements provide information about the University operations during the fiscal year and describes the financial position at year end.

  • Budget documents

    University Budget documents present the University Total Current Funds Budget as approved annually by the Board of Trustees. The budget document also provides the comprehensive listing of tuition and fee charges. The budget is the financial component of the strategic plan and provides an estimate of sources and uses to achieve the plan. Beginning in the 2013 fiscal year, the University developed the Capital Budget Document. This information compiles the state Capital Project Improvement Plan (CPIP), the Five-Year Capital Plan, and the Capital Renewal Plan along with reporting for capital project activity through April 30 of each fiscal year. The time horizon for this document exceeds one year as capital projects are underway from planning through approval and construction.

  • Other reports

The University of South Carolina responds to many reports required annually by legislation and budget proviso. Reports are generally solicited by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the Executive Budget Office.